Neil Carter – Educator


IAM Constitution Mandates:

“The Local Lodge President shall appoint an Educator to assist in carrying out the official directives, policies and programs of the Grand Lodge and any other education and training programs approved by the Grand Lodge and related to educating and training the local lodge membership on all issues affecting workers and their families.”

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the District / Local Lodge Educator are to educate the power base of the local lodge. The Educator should develop issue orientated face-to-face campaigns, promote training programs for stewards and members concerning basic work place issues. Additionally, they should communicate and share their educational activities with their respective territorial educational representative.

Some examples of training may include:

  • Basic Steward Training
  • Labour History
  • Health and Safety Laws
  • Organizing
  • Political Awareness
  • EAP / Community Services
  • New Members Orientation
  • Face to Face Program

For further assistance, please contact your Territorial Educational Representative.

Strategic Goals

To develop a strategic plan that includes the three R’s as follows:

•  Re-focus: Assess the Union education in our districts and locals at the grassroots level. Evaluate what education is needed to strengthen the membership. The objective will be to motivate the membership to get more involved in Union activities.

•  Re-vitalize: Education Committees are a vital part of a “Continuing Education Program”. This will allow the lodges to maintain an updated and on-going education program. We will coordinate our educational activities and update the programs as necessary.

Re-energize: Our overall training goal is to continuously educate our membership. This will open the lines of communication to give us an opportunity to learn from each other as well as to provide an understanding of basic unionism and the structure and services of the IAM & AW members.